Pared (Syllabic Meter)

bullish rhetoric
excavating foundations
to build upon sand

each brick in the wall
demolishing decency
building barricades

civility pared
layer by layer exposed
like Emperor’s clothes

tequila sunrise
until sangria sundown —
wall casting shadows

extracting pesos
from those who know penury —
taxing burritos

by Phil Istine


‘Pared’ was first published on WritingForums in the September Pip Challenge and judged the ‘Best’ poem.

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  1. I read this poem for the first time here, on Showcase, and I’m so glad I caught up with it. The clever wordplay and imagery only serves to increase the impact of the condemnation and accusation of the core message. A really powerful piece that is not only perfectly formed but packs a pretty good punch too.

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