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A free-verse poem by Francisco Pires
Revised with the help of @WritingForums members

In a floodlit room
I straddle an uncomfortable,
cushioned chair.

I’m awash in their concern:
the sympathetic glean
on focused eyes;
the hushed curiosity
in excited whispers.

I hunch over the symmetric,
inked white sheet —
circles to fill; boxes to tick;
offer myself to their “line the dots” philosophy.

“Do you ever feel stressed?” On a scale of one to five — answer.

“Do you feel there’s nothing in your future?” One to five, answer.

“Do you feel like a burden to your family?” Answer!

“Do you wish
you could go to sleep

……. wake
………… up?”

……….. ……….. ……….. (How crude
……….. ……….. ……….. our instruments come
……….. ……….. ……….. that to dissect the spiders in your head
……….. ……….. ……….. you must first suffocate in them?)
Francisco Pires (Raevenlord) is a fledgling writer from Portugal. He has a Master’s degree in Police Sciences and Internal Security, and is currently precinct commander in an undisclosed location on Portuguese shores. When he’s not being overly mysterious (or working), he’s usually writing, reading, or playing story-heavy games in the company of his wife, his buoy and most devoted fan. Recently, he has been dipping his toes more and more in poetry, and expects to one day be able to publish his already respectable backlog of writing – even though he now puts much less stock in that as a life goal than he ever did before
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  1. It’s humblingt to see my work posted on a “Flashes of brilliance” board on these Forums, where quality is so pervasive. A thousand other contributions would be worthy of this spot.

    Thank you very much for considering my piece for publication, but most of all, thank you to all WF members who have brought about many, many improvements in my writing through critique, discussion, and mainly being an all-around amazing group.

    I’d encourage anyone to be a part of our story.

  2. You wrote that poem, and I liked it from the start.
    It’s really nice to thank WF members, but remember: if you hadn’t written your poem, no one would have had a reason or a text to think about and to work with. So… it is your poem, and hard work, and it is great 🙂

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