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Poetry: Black Cat Bone Woman by Cindy Adame

Black Cat Bone Woman

by Cindy Adame

She buried it beneath the leaves
to rustle-soft-scrape ears
blow cat’s paw chills across your skin.
Hoodoo spell begins.

Gris-gris gripped tick tight in hand
slip sly-foot past the spot
don’t let her see you tremble, don’t
show your goat was got.

(Breathe deep, Boy
don’t look at them leaves
curiosity kills.)

Whippoorwills call down the night
prayers nailed to door
lucky gestures made
sow salt across the floor.

Slow-low chant a count to ten
at nine.
Lest satisfaction brings her back
to try one more time.

About the author

Cindy Adame was born in Phoenix Arizona, but has spent most of her adult life in Bakersfield California. Recently retired, she has decided to pursue a lifelong passion to write. Being both a mother and grandmother, she has a rich source for her poetry and children’s books.

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