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Poetry: Psithurism by Kieron Baird


by Kieron P. Baird

Whispers through boughs, the sound of wind at play.
When the leaves rustle and as branches sway.
In daytime a murmur, soothing and sweet. |
At night, a voice mysterious; discreet. 

Blowing debris trees have cast to the ground.
Drafts finding their way through limbs – sound.
A natural form of escapism,
given a name, the term, psithurism. 

About the author

Kieron P. Baird studied Animal Biology at Edinburgh Napier University (2012) and received a First Class Honours Degree. This further cemented his love for animals, wildlife, conservation and nature as a whole. Kieron is an aspiring poet and writer, on a personal journey of self-discovery and improved mental well-being through the medium of writing.

Kieron was one of the winners of the Moorforge Writing Competition (16+) with his poem “A Toast to Our Artisans”. This same poem was readout on BBC Radio Cumbria – The Arty Show (18/11/2019) and added to Moorforge’s YouTube Playlist.

Kieron currently resides in the Scotland (UK).

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