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Poetry: Ignorance Has No Place Here by Darkkin

Ignorance Has No Place Here

by Darkkin

that bitter brew
of burbled vitriol
wall to wall

ignorance, a stain
deep and creeping,
seeps, beats against
an old battered door

yet beyond that door
rests the place
that should not be

a place far away
were a mind soars
enlightened and free

behold the quasar
kept in an old ink jar

or dare

to follow
Captain Jim
and sail
across the bar…

seek Paul’s Rock People
down the worn shore road
send a Dead Letter or
knight a humble toad

all these odd things
are little more than
ink and dreams and dust

things of think
that dwell
in a place that
reaches ear to ear

About the author:

An internet ghost with too much education and a love of the ridiculous.

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