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Poetry: liamT by David Berger


by David Berger


!eid uoy was I !neht uoy htiw lleh oT .sraM no efil s‘erehT .0202 ni gnimoc si eugalp elbirret A .keew txen rof si rebmun yrettol llabrewoP gninniw eht tahw uoy llet ll‘I !pots em pleh esaelP .sruoy nwod gnilevart m‘I .enil dlrow ym nwod gnilevart ton m‘I ?thgir raey siht s‘tahT .8102 ni nrob saw I .em hcuot esaelP ?gniyas m‘I tahw raeh uoy naC ?em ees uoy oD .gnivom peek gnihtyreve leef gnihton tsiser I .oga emit gnol a enas gnieb deppots I ?siht od dluow esle tahW .bmob a saw ti kniht I .tih bmob eht nehw erauqS semiT ni gnidnats saw I .sdrawrof evom uoy dna sdrawkcab evom I sa uoy ees nac I .emit ni kcab gnivom rehcaet a m‘I .yratilim eht ni ro tsitneics a ton m‘I .bomb fo epyt wen A .daeha uoy rof elbuort elbirret s‘erehT .2802 morf ereh m‘I


I’m here from 2082. There’s terrible trouble for you ahead. A new type of bomb. I’m not a scientist or in the military. I’m a teacher moving back in time. I can see you as I move backwards and you move forwards. I was standing in Times Square when the bomb hit. I think it was a bomb. What else would do this? I stopped being sane a long time ago. I resist nothing feel everything keep moving. Do you see me? Can you hear what I’m saying? Please touch me. I was born in 2018. That’s this year right? I’m not traveling down my world line. I’m traveling down yours. Please help me stop! I’ll tell you what the winning Powerball lottery number is for next week. A terrible plague is coming in 2020. There’s life on Mars. To hell with you then! I saw you die!

About the author

David is an old Brooklyn Lefty, living in Manhattan with his wife of 26 years: the finest jazz singer in NYC. He’s been a caseworker, construction worker, letter carrier, teacher, proofreader and union organizer. David loves life, his wife and the world. He hopes to help us all escape destruction.

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