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Poetry: Nub by Sanjeev Sethi


An arrayal of bunkos displaying their duplicity.
Who has patience with the peccant? Hackamore
to harangue? The realization: everyone muffs?
Let gravamen decide the scienter.

There will always be another opinion. That is not
vital. What is imperative? It must chime with the
core. A word keys, a string of syllables. Henchman
of homilies play on.

About the author

Sanjeev Sethi is published in over thirty countries. He has more than 1400 poems printed or posted in literary venues around the world. Wrappings in Bespoke is joint-winner of Full Fat Collection Competition-Deux organized by the Hedgehog Poetry Press UK. It’s his fourth full-length collection. It will be launched in 2021. Recent credits: NOON | journal of the short poem, The Big Windows Review, Life and Legends, Pomona Valley Review, Lummox Poetry Anthology # 9, Dreich Magazine, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.


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